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Plastic Dog Meat

In a time of helicopters & drone cams, energy drink sponsors and world premieres, it’s cool to see that shreds can still make cool snowboarding movies without all the hype check this out –...


Ain’t got nothing to prove

Our friends at Celtek have put out a rad movie in two parts from their team riders and friends, check out the two bits, making a whole below!! Nothing to Prove “The Midwest, USA”...


Defenders of Awesome Again

Since the release of CAPiTAs Defenders of Awesome, the snowboarding world has waited with anticipation for the next release, well in case you’ve had your eyes shut for the last month or so that...


Method in his madness

Our boy Bratty is back doing his first season for a few years in Tignes, after a few seasons off to various bodily damage and sickness he’s making up for lost time by getting...


The Amplid Urban Mission

Check out this nice little Urban Mission advertorial-edit from Amplid, featuring the Amplid Pocketknife and a car load of snow from a Helsinki Ice Rink!! The team consisting of Amplid riders Markus Haka, Niklas...


Who on Earth

We mentioned this movie, Down to Earth,  ages ago when the trailer came out – but for some reason we completely missed the full release of this brilliant fun movie from Benny Urban, Dominik...


Up Periscope

Up Periscope – So if you haven’t heard of Postland, they’re a bunch of shreds from Holland who tear up the domes and the hills – think Grindhouse with funny accents – this is...


The Spy UK Guerilla Tour

Our friends at Spy UK are taking the UK team out on the road for some Guerrilla Marketing – so here’s the word from the head chimp himself JB… SPY has decided to get...



Teasers are starting to drop which can only mean that winter is only around the corner, check out this little beauty from the guy’s that brought you Givin and Givin 2… Will Film for...


Chris Grenier – Redneckin’

The snow has melted so Chris Grenier and friends head out into the desert for some redneckin’ – guns, fire, jumps and stupidity… looks like great fun!!  

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