Category: Badger Cinema Club


Beer and Rails

Beer and Rails the new short movie just dropped from our friends at Rome – Liquid courage. Nerve tonic. Pork chop in a can. Whatever you call it, it’s all the same once it...


Forged in Steel

If you didn’t get to see this when it was on (paid) TV the other week, check out Salomon Snowboards – Jamie Nicholls ‘Forged in Steel’  amongst other things riding the plastic fantastic at...



Need a shred movie to keep you hyped for the upcoming season, well check out this little beauty from Nitro Team riders and Drink Water founders Bryan Fox and Austin Smith – read the...


Approach and Attack

Northwave Rider Antti Autti dropped this great snowboard documentary online for free a couple of days ago. Check out Antii and friends riding some killer pow turns all around the world! Approach and Attack...


I’m Hallucinating…..

I’m may be Hallucinating….. but for some reason we didn’t share this when it came out, i guess as we where still messing around with the new website and stuff, but do yourself a...


Plastic Dog Meat

In a time of helicopters & drone cams, energy drink sponsors and world premieres, it’s cool to see that shreds can still make cool snowboarding movies without all the hype check this out –...


Who on Earth

We mentioned this movie, Down to Earth,  ages ago when the trailer came out – but for some reason we completely missed the full release of this brilliant fun movie from Benny Urban, Dominik...


Up Periscope

Up Periscope – So if you haven’t heard of Postland, they’re a bunch of shreds from Holland who tear up the domes and the hills – think Grindhouse with funny accents – this is...


Nitro Hyped – Full Movie

We’ve been waiting on this for a while, Watch what gets Bryan Fox, Austin Smith, Markus Keller, Eero Ettala, Marc Swoboda, Benny Urban, Dominik Wagner, Knut Eliassen, Sam Taxwood, Sage Kotsenburg, Nils Arvidsson, Elias...


Badger Trippin Roadkill

After a few technical difficulties we have finally got this weeks full length movie uploaded… Cretin Creations answer to Return of the Jedi, The Return of The King and err..mission impossible 3?? anyway The...

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