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I look a twat in this cool helmet brand! but goes down well with the young badgers (SICK!)

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Growing up in North Vancouver then moving to Whistler, I’ve had the fortune of spending my whole life with a mountain in my back yard. in the late 80s and early 90s, before the word ‘industry’ had a place in the snowboarding world, a small group of friends and i headed to the mountain with our boards every day, not realizing our obsession was evolving into a sport. before i knew it, snowboarding took off and it took me with it, shaping my life in ways i never imagined. I soon found myself entering big air competitions, riding for magazine and video shoots, founding and producing sandbox films and now, designing and developing sandbox helmets.

What I’ve learned from this whirlwind experience is a lesson about change: how quickly it comes and how exciting it is to be caught up in it. I remember when first place in a big air comp went to the guy who landed on his feet. now, kids are doing triple corks off solid ice jumps. we understand the sport is continually progressing, and with it, so are riders’ needs for safety, comfort and style.

As a uniquely rider-owned company developing rider-inspired products, we encourage and embrace the enthusiasm and creativity you bring to the sport everyday. on the chair lift and at the top of the hill, as I hear riders’ feedback and stories about snowboarding, i’m reminded daily that providing cool, tough-as-hell helmets riders actually want to wear is the sandbox mission while I,  myself, strive to give back to a sport that has given so much to me.

Kevin Sansalone

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