What We Say –

Well I was  blessed with trying the very 1st sample boards. Since day one of Salomon  we have always had there toys at Warmwell dryslope and still do, I can also say I don’t think I would be still in business without stocking this vast, think outside the box brand. 1000’s of happy customers in what some say the best boots on the market for many years.  Amazing tech in their boards, the best bases to wax and petex, In 12yrs and 1000s of bindings I’ve NEVER sent a pair of binding back, still the best priced equipment on the market!

What they Say –

salomonSlay Boredom

We challenge the status quo, push boundaries, and critically damage preconceived notions of what riding gear can be. Ride It For Real, Stay Loose and once and for all, Slay Boredom.

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