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Brand new Outerwear for this season, we are stoked to be stocking Horsefeathers and looking forward to wearing on the hill!

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horsefeathersThe early days of Horsefeathers Clothing date back to the 1989/90 high-school year in British Columbia, Canada. That’s when the name and the first designs started taking form within a small group of skateboarders and snowboarders all living in a rural area of southern Okanagan. The region’s numerous mountains became the ideal backdrop for riding and there was hardly a weekend that was not fully used for building kickers, dropping cliffs or riding powder. The passion for board riding was strong, but during that time Horsefeathers remained a fun project, which perfectly coexisted with the skate and snow sub-culture that stood out in every way within the conservative mainstream of the day.

After graduating in 1992, Hanus Salz, one of the high-school friends, moved to Europe, namely to Czech Republic, where he met Pavel Kubicek. The two struck it off right from the beginning and started partying and riding together. In order to stay as close as possible to the board sports world, the two decided to start their own clothing company. Horsefeathers Clothing started to take form and once more it was the passion for riding which got the project rolling again. This time things became “serious” and the first collection was launched in 1993. It consisted of 50 t-shirts and 200 stickers. Most were given away to friends and team riders. Horsefeathers Clothing is a brand and a company started by board sport enthusiasts more than twenty years ago. Since day one, the substance of the brands’ evolution was based on passion for the sports and the lifestyle inseparably associated with the culture. This was furthermore fueled by the drive to progress, as well as the need to be out there as much as possible – riding, living the moment and connecting with people and the elements. Horsefeathers never had the initial, premeditated business plan, but rather grew organically, year to year, strengthening the good within, yet learning from mistakes all along. Even though the growth and development brought inevitable structural changes, the inner standards and commitment remain the same. The Horsefeathers collective works towards an unanimous goal of creating and developing a brand that reflects personal engagement in the company, in the community, in the sports and in the lifestyle which links all aspects firmly together.

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