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We were one of the 1st stores to stock Capita in the UK 10 years ago,  and we’re still loving a few of there awesome weapons of joy!

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capitaDefenders of Awesome

Capita Snowboarding History:
In the beginning, there were a few friends and the exchange of ideas. It was a time and place where conversation, collaboration, and the release of creative energy ruled the days and nights, with no hand of the man to ground our ambition. There was a realization that the people our culture celebrates as adults are the same artists, writers, musicians, and thespians we alienate as teenagers, and we desired to reassure the youth that individuality and expression are the keys to a warmer heart.

Snowboarding was our common element and inspiration. It was the gift that let us experience the world from a unique perspective, see things we would have never seen and meet people we would have never met including each other. An organic collective formed and the union bore a CAPiTAlist child to defy the industry that spawned us. There were five humans, black death, and a bird; a rabbit, shapeshifters, and love sickness; dank basements in Vancouver fending for indoor survival; occasional joys of outdoor living, and whispered theories of a mid life crisis.

It was said by many that we wouldn’t last two years, and we almost didn’t. There were countless trials and tribulations of the under staffed, under funded, inexperienced kind. Factories that have changed, people that have quit, new people that have joined, and of course battles that continue to be fought today. To the people who know about us we represent good times, bad times, the creative release of art, music, emotion, sometimes contradictory but never contrived, all in the name of whats real. The truth.

Our beliefs and actions may change over time as we learn from our experience as humans, but what is true will always stay the same. What the truth actually is may not be known, but the desire to find it is what drives us. Over time our only option is to follow our hearts and let ourselves evolve as we learn new things, to recognize our mistakes, and be open to change.

The truth is inclusive, not exclusive, and CAPiTA is the same. You don’t have to be the best snowboarder on the hill, or the best artist in the scene, or the coolest kid in town, you just have to be honest with yourself and love snowboarding like we do.

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