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Now were talking!  Such a solid old skool brand its been keeping me dry and warm since 1997 (its now in its 25th Year) never known a brand that makes kit this indestructible, here’s to another 25 years!

What they Say –

bonfireTailored to Destroy

Bonfire Snowboarding began in Huntington Beach, California in 1989, with the creation of three unique t-shirts by Pro Snowboarder and Industry Pioneer, Brad Steward.

In 1992, at Mt. Hood, Oregon, Bonfire became something beyond an experiment. Of these early days Steward says, “The idea was to be artistic, eclectic and find a way to keep snowboarding unique. Snowboarding deserved something that wasn’t derived from skate, surf or ski. It deserved its own culture, its own companies, leaders and pioneers”.

At Hood, Bonfire products were given to top Pro’s of the day – who immediately supported it – and Bonfire quickly grew beyond the summer camps. By 1995, Bonfire was one of the leading apparel companies on the market – its reputation as being ‘one step ahead of the market’ cemented in the industry through the introduction of The Fireman Jacket, widely held to be one of the first adaptations of streetwear directly into snowboard wear.

In December of 1995 Bonfire was acquired by Salomon. Bonfire remains in its Portland, Oregon offices, where a fierce sense of the entrepreneurial drive the company was founded upon is immediately apparent when you step through the door.

Now in its 23rd season – Bonfire remains an active, eclectic and independent brand run in close proximity to the mountains.

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