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Beer and Rails

Beer and Rails the new short movie just dropped from our friends at Rome – Liquid courage. Nerve tonic. Pork chop in a can. Whatever you call it, it’s all the same once it...

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Nitro Binding Technology

So, for week two of Nitro’s InFocus series we’ll give you a little more information some of the latest tech included in some of the Nitro Binding range this season.  We’ve been stocking Nitro...

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Nitro Power Pods

Every week until Christmas (unless we forget or something..which to be honest is highly likely) we’ll be sharing some short “InFocus’ articles from our friends at Nitro, these articles provide some extra information about...

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Back Flippin’ Badgers

Kev and the badgers went for a shred in the Three Valleys and got back flippin’, Kev-Cam was out in full force so we get to see a little edit of what they got...

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Bratty Drones on..

We shared Bratty’s edit for Tignes Spirit the other day on our Facegook wall, but the Badger hasn’t forgotten about us and whilst he’s been taking some R&R post going under the surgeons knife,...

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A little Crazy Loco!

Need some creative riding to get you ready for some dryslope later? Check out this little gem from our friends at Salomon. This season Salomon Snowboards gave Jed Anderson a filmer and the freedom...

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Forged in Steel

If you didn’t get to see this when it was on (paid) TV the other week, check out Salomon Snowboards – Jamie Nicholls ‘Forged in Steel’  amongst other things riding the plastic fantastic at...

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Need a shred movie to keep you hyped for the upcoming season, well check out this little beauty from Nitro Team riders and Drink Water founders Bryan Fox and Austin Smith – read the...

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Approach and Attack

Northwave Rider Antti Autti dropped this great snowboard documentary online for free a couple of days ago. Check out Antii and friends riding some killer pow turns all around the world! Approach and Attack...

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2014 Meribel edit

Don’t get to excited this is about last seasons shop trip not this one, we didn’t give this much of a sharing post the badger trip to Alpine Ethos in Meribel at the end...

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